Top 5 Wednesday | Booktubers I Watch The Most

How you doin’ guys?

So I decided to participate in Top 5 Wednesday for the first time ever, and it turns out this week’s topic is totally free. Since that’s the case, I decided to do a Top 5 Booktubers I Watch The Most. I think it fits well, since I spend at least half of my potential reading time on booktube anyways. Since my blog is in english, I’m keeping it to english speaking booktubers (even though I have favorites from my own country, of course). Here they are, the ones I’ve been watching the most:

1. Hailey – Hailey in Bookland

This Canadian gift is my absolute favorite. She posts a video, I’ll watch that video, simple as that. It doesn’t matter if it has 5, or if it has 30 minutes, her videos are my priority. She always post reading vlogs, and then other videos like recommendations, lists, and other ideas. Hailey usually reads YA fantasy, contemporary, a classic here and there, and she’s obssessed with Alice in Wonderland (not difficult to guess considering the name of her channel).

2. Caleb – InsaneReader

Caleb posts whatever he wants. There’s no telling what the next video is going to be. It could be a discussion about booktube, it could be a reading vlog, but it also could be a book wedding, or recreation of bookstagram pics. He’s very funny and honest. If you’re tired of the repeated content on booktube, his channel is a good choice to watch, it really lives up to the name.

3. Hannah – A Clockwork Reader

Hannah is a sweetie. She speaks softly and in a heart-warming way. She usually posts recommendations, lists, and a few reading vlogs, and she absolutelly loves The Night Circus.

4. Regan – PeruseProject

Regan is the fantasy queen. She absolutely loves that genre, whether it’s adult, YA, or middle-grade. She usually posts reading vlogs, books + fashion hauls, recommendations videos, and since she lives with her boyfriend, Clay, he’s always showing up on her videos.

5. Kristin – Super Space Chick

Kristin loves anime, Star Wars and Harry Potter. She usually posts the usual books hauls and such, but also vlogs, anime wrap ups, and sometimes bookish news.

Extra entry:

Sam – Thoughts on Tomes

Sam is actually one of the moderators for the Top 5 Wednesday group, so I thought it would be fitting to include her. She usually post reviews, wrap ups, and of course top 5 lists. She always have her nails on point.

You can find the Goodreads Group for T5W here.


What about you? What booktubers do you watch the most?

2 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday | Booktubers I Watch The Most”

  1. Oh I love Regan, her videos are just so calm and the ones with Clay are funny and yes, she is the queen of fantasy. Also I should probably check out Kristen, she sounds like one I’d like. My top five booktubers are
    -Christine, PolandbanahasBOOKS
    -Jesse, Jessethereader
    -Kat, Katytastic
    -Regan, PeruseProject
    -Catriona (I think that’s how her name’s spelled), Little Book Owl

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha yes, her videos give me piece but also make me laugh. She just posted one where Clay has to guess the synopsis of the book based on the cover and it was hilarious.
      I also watch all of the booktubers you mentioned, but since I had to pick just 5 I chose the ones I’ve been watching the most this month. I almost put Jesse on my list, though.


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