Get To Know Me Tag

Hey guys, how you doin’?

Today I’m here with the Get To Know Me Tag aka the tag you hope won’t make you sound too narcissistic for answering to let you learn a bit more about yours truly. Here it is, some facts about this mood reader fangirl, fictional people lover, queen of all procrastination (who should be writing a paper instead of a blog post now, but oh well), and book buying addict behind the keyboard. Mmm, maybe I’m failing at the whole ‘not sounding narcissistic‘ thing. Perhaps I should just drop the titles altogether. I guess not everyone is Daenerys enough to carry them all, anyways. 😀

Let’s do this then:


1. What is your middle name?


2. What is your favorite color


3. Who was your first best friend?

Didi. She is and has been my sister for the majority of our lives, but without the whole shared DNA thing. We were raised like sisters, and her mother is my second mom.

4. How tall are you?

My country uses the metric system, so 1,67m.

BUT, I googled a conversion to feet and inches just for the “can’t with metric system” folks out there. I’m apparently 5′ 5.7480″ (5 feet and 5.7480 inches), whatever that means. Let me know if that makes sense to you haha

5. Cats or Dogs?

I got both, 8 cats and 2 dogs. But tbh my personality is a lot more feline oriented.

6. Funniest moment throughout School?

My memory is crap and honestly I could not think of anything. But I’m certain that as soon as I post this I’ll remember a bunch, so hold your thought on that one.

7. How many countries have you visited?

Unfortunately, I have never left Brazil. YET. I almost went to Buenos Aires, in Argentina once, but things happened and plans got cancelled. I got my eye on Orlando, though (Wizarding World of Harry Potter I’m looking at you).

8. Are you in/have you gone to college?

I’m a Librarianship student, and this is my 3rd semester. I know I’m lucky to have gotten into one of the top universities of my country (and since it’s a federal institution I don’t have to pay tuition), but damn let me tell you, I might not be paying money, but I’m paying it with pain and suffering, cause college is freaking hard.

9. What was your favorite/worst subject in High School?

It would vary, but I liked English as foreign language, and History. I hated anything that had to do with numbers (aka Math, Chemistry, and Physics).

10. What is your Favorite drink?

I don’t think I have one that stands out as favorite. I like natural fruit juice, I guess. Grape, orange, or mango juice.

11. What is your favorite animal?

Tigers. Oh those big and wildly majestic felines. They seem pretty chill, until they’re hungry or you mess with them (which means they’re basically me).

12. What is your favorite perfume?

I don’t use any, strong smells leave me kind of nauseated. I prefer using a light-scented moisturizer.

13. Tea or Coffee?

Tea. I don’t usually drink it, but I hate coffee, so tea it is.

14. What would you (or have you) name(d) your children?

Well, having children is not really my thing. For the sole purpose of answering though, I’d say some non-ordinary name. I like memorable names that stand out, but without being too weird. It’d probably be easier if they weren’t brazilian names then, like Dimitri, Levi, Caleb. I’ve always liked Valentina for girls, but that one has gotten too popular around here now, so I don’t know.

15. What Sports do you play/Have you played?

Haha sports. Haha none.

I’d love to take dancing classes though.

16. What is your favorite book?

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. I’ve said it a million times, this was the first book I ever bought to myself.

17. Who are some of your favorite YouTubers?

Look, if I’m not watching booktube, I watching movie and tv news, or anime stuff, or people reacting to movies and tv shows, or top # lists of just about anything. But especifically speaking I’ve been frequently seeing videos by:

Bookish: Hailey in Bookland, InsaneReader, PeruseProject, Geek Freak

Lists: WatchMojo.com, MsMojo, BunkaPop

Reactors: ChainsawReacts, Storm Akima, Failwhale34

Other: Alex Meyers

others at random frequency: Screen Junkies (honest trailers), Jeremy Jahns, Omeleteve, How It Should Have Ended…

18. What is your favorite movie?

I don’t watch many, but I also can’t just pick one, so I’ll say the Harry Potter series and The Lord of The Rings triology. Also I love Anastasia.

19. Are you Single or Taken?


20. What’s your idea of an ideal first date?

I don’t know, I’m not very romantic of a person. I guess, it would need to have good food, and something to make me laugh and have fun. Making me laugh is the key.

21. How many Girlfriends/Boyfriends have you had?

3 boyfriends. The 3rd being my current one.

22. Favorite memory from childhood?

Mm, since this is a bookish blog, I guess I’ll pick the one where I went out and spent my entire allowance on my first copy of Chamber of Secrets. I had zero money afterwards, but I was so happy to have that book that I didn’t even care. I guess some things never change, after all.

In the same vein, I also like the one where my mom, seeing me suffering from abstinence after I finished my CoS book (and being the supportive person that she is), woke me up a few days later with a surprise copy of Prisioner of Azkaban right in front of my face. I was over the moon.

23. Do you speak any different languages and how well?

So, Portuguese is my native language, but I speak French too. I used to be better at it, but I don’t get to practice it much so… I can communicate and understand things, but not fluently. This semester I offered to help out with exchange students at my university, and luckly I was assigned to a guy from Belgium, so it’s been nice having someone to practice it with. And oh in case you haven’t noticed I also speak English. I know, shocker. I’d say my english is pretty decent considering both this blog and my Goodreads are fully in this language, but I should let you guys be the judge of that.

24. Do you have any siblings?

Biologically nope.

25. How would you describe your fashion sense?

Oh I used to put more effort into my attire, but when I got older, life got harder, and I got into college so quick and low maintenance became the key here. I have classes at 7h30 in the morning, so my fashion sense is mostly variations of black leggings, tops with fun prints or some superhero t-shirt, hoodies or cardigans (cause my campus is huge and full of trees so it can get really cold), and flats cause I don’t do heels. It looks very urban overall. What makes it not boring is that I accessorize. Maxi necklaces, bracelets, and cute beanies is usually my way to go.

26. What is your favorite restaurant?

Outback Steakhouse. I don’t know if Outback is good in other countries, but the one I usually go to in my city is AMAZING. And by ‘usually’ I mean ‘almost never’ because it’s too expensive and my money goes to books first. I only go there in extremely especial ocasions or when I’m invited. Ahh but the food is so good.

27. What are some of your favorite tv shows?

I watch Supernatural (yep, I’ve seen all 13 seasons), Agents of Shield (poor people who ditched it in season 1 and don’t know what they’re missing), The Arrowverse shows (Arrow, Flash, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow), Game of Thrones, and I suppose The Originals.

Clearly my tastes are very CW oriented lol

28. PC or Mac?

PC. I’m not much of an Apple fan.

29. What phone do you have? (iOS v Android?)

Android, a Sansung Galaxy. As I mentioned before, not an Apple fan.

30. Tell us one of your bad habits!

Procrastinating forever, and therefore always being late for things.


Enough about me now, why don’t you give me your answers to some of those questions? I’d love to know. 😀

2 thoughts on “Get To Know Me Tag”

  1. If you are the procrastination queen then I am the procrastination KING!
    Also I have a dog but would like a cat, tea because coffee is evil, favorite book is maybe the third Heroes of Olympus book The Mark of Athena though not 100% sure (this question is cruel), I’m single but honestly don’t care about romance anyway so I’m perfectly fine, my fashion sense is also mainly hoodies, and favorite YouTubers are all of Booksplosion, PeruseProject, Emma Reads, Screen Junkies, HISHE, Studio C, and Game Theory\Film Theory (mainly Film Theory tho since I’m not a big gamer)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We’re procrastionation royalty then haha
      I love cats but they think they own you so beware. I haven’t read the Heroes of Olympus series yet, only PJ, but I own all the books already so it’s a matter of time.
      I watch many of these channels you mentioned as well, cool. 😀


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