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So, I was really excited to answer this week’s topic on Magic Systems. I mean, fantasy is my thing, but it didn’t take long for me to realize that I was in trouble. When I started researching options for my favorite magic systems, it became clear that my picks for this previous Top 5 Wednesday | Book List for Class on Fantasy Worldbuilding were literally the same answers!

Ok, that’s not so bizarre, since the magic system is part of the worldbuilding process, but it is kind of frustrating that I can’t use those answers here without being totally redundant. I don’t feel like I can pick 5 new ones, and I don’t want to miss this Wednesday’s post, so I’ll at least leave this shout out here. If you want to know my choices for favorite magic systems, all you need to do is just check out that post then.


But first wait! Since we’re already here, I might as well add an extra paranormal entry that I didn’t fit into that post. You know, it’s Halloween month, so why not just mix things up a bit?

  • Moroi Society (Vampire Academy series/Bloodlines series) by Richelle Mead

VA - BL covers

We’ve all seen our fair share of vamp stories, so it’s hard for any bloodsucker mythology to stand out in the crowd. But guess what, this one does. Basically in this world there are undead evil vampires called Strigoi – more similar to the classics, they’re immortal, faster, stronger, they feed and kill without remorse, but they also burn in the sun -, there are living “good” vampires called Moroi – they are born and live for a certain period of years like us, they can be under the sun, though it makes them ill, they feed on human blood, but no killing involved, and they can use elemental magic -, and there are half-human, half-Moroi called damphyr – they have no issue with the sun and don’t have to consume blood at all, and many of them train combat to serve as guardians for the Moroi (the Strigoi love their blood and hunt them constantly). The damphyr also can’t reproduce amongst themselves, so they need Moroi in order to not go extinct.

The protagonist, Rose, is a hot-tempered damphyr who wants to become her best friend’s guardian. The bff, Lissa, is a Moroi princess who’s the last of the Dragomir royal family, since her parents and brother died in an accident. She hasn’t declared afinity for any of the 4 elements, but she’s got some serious healing abilities and compulsion powers. They go to St. Vladimir’s Academy, one of the vamp schools kids go to study, train, and be safe from Strigoi. This world’d elite is made of 12 Moroi royal families and usually the eldest member of each one of them has the title of prince or princess (hence the reason Lissa has the title since there’s no one else to carry it for the Dragomir), and the queen or king of that society is always a born royal who got elected by the council of princes and princesses.

Between the politcs, the uncovering of a different kind of magic and its applications, and even future dealings with Alchemists, this world really stands out amongst all those millions of paranormal stories out there, and that’s one of the main reasons I love it. The author based the roots of this society on Romanian (if I remember correctly) and Russian cultures, and that’s clear by royal family names like Dragomir, Ivashkov, Ozera. I know I talk about this series a lot, but well I love it, so what can I do?


You can find the Goodreads Group for T5W here.


So, this post was unorthodox, huh? But still, let me know your favorite magic systems down bellow. Maybe I’ll get to know new ones to love and won’t go through the same crisis next time haha. 😀

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  1. Lol, how do you separate magic system from world building honestly? I mean almost every fantasy world has a magic system. Though some of my favorite magic systems are Harry Potter (of course), the Grishaverse, Fullmetal Alchemist, Avatar: The Last Airbender, and Snow Like Ashes

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