Top 5 Wednesday | Characters I’d Want at Friendsgiving

Hey guys, how you doin’?

I’m back with a new Top 5 Wednesday. Apparently, it’s Thanksgiving week for americans, and although I’m not one of them, I decided to participate in this week’s topic on Characters You’d Want at Friendsgiving and select some fictional people to celebrate friendship in a nice get-together.

Now, I tried not to pick more than one character from the same place in order to mix things up, and my other basic criteria was to pick people who would most likely NOT murder each other in the middle of the meal – you know, just to make sure no one has to scrub blood off the floor or anything afterwards. Let’s just keep it friendly.

Here’s how my crazy party would go and who would be in it:


Hermione (Harry Potter books/movies)

hermione smiling

Hermione is a brilliant witch. I think she’d be chill and ready to talk about books with me all night. Also, she would probably bring some fun wizarding food, which would both please and entertain everyone (have you tried Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans? They’re certainly a fun group experience).


Rose (Vampire Academy books)

rose fighting 2

Rose is a dhampir (half human, half vampire). She would probably be the least chill on this list. She’s always alert and doing something, but she also loves a party and her sass would be very welcomed. I’d just have to make sure no one would cross her so I wouldn’t end up with one of my guests being punched in the nose. I feel like Rose and Hermione wouldn’t get along at first, but then I’d tell Rose about that time the witch slapped/punched Malfoy in the face, then Rose would offer to teach her some moves.


Magnus Bane (Shadowhunter Chronicles books)

magnus bane magic

Oh c’mon, how could I not? I’m not a Cassandra Clare fan, but she did Magnus right. This 300+ year old warlock would be the life of the party. He’d have a lot of sass and stories to share, and we could make a magical competition between him and Hermione (which would be hilarious cause she’s a sore loser and Magnus is a diva with sparkly magic).


Cisco (The Flash tv show)

cisco expecto patronum

Now this is the guy who’d make all the pop culture references and talk fandom with me. I feel like Cisco would get really into the party, make people laugh and offer to pick nicknames for them based on their abilities. Or we could have a truth of dare kind of game where Cisco would use his superhero powers to vibe each person to check if they’re lying. Or he could breach someone to a different location and back while the rest of us try to guess what that place is based on a few tips. I feel like he’d nag Hermione about her wand and at some point he’d tease Rose, and she would drop his ass on the ground with a smile on her face before he could even say “flash”.


Jack (Supernatural tv show)

jack likes nougat

He is the most adorable thing to ever walk this or any earth. He’s so cute when he says “hello” to people with a bright smile on his face ugh, he’d win everyone around immediately. Jack is a very curious boy, so I’m certain he’d fill the other guests with a bunch of questions about what they are and what their lives are like. By the end of the night I’d basically die of feels like a proud parent, gushing about every little cute thing he’d said or done. I would annoy everybody, for sure, but they would probably end up agreeing with me. I think Jack would see Rose trying to teach Hermione how to punch and Cisco getting his ass kicked, and he’d go ask her to teach him some moves too.


oh wait there’s more.

People I love, but wouldn’t invite because they’d cause mayhem:

I said I didn’t want to invite people who would try to murder half of my guests, so Sam, Dean, and Castiel are off the list. You see, Sam is a bookworm too so he could get along with Hermione, but things would be super awkward after Dean freaked out and pulled a gun at her face for seeing her doing a spell to help me serve the food (plus she wouldn’t appreciate his manners at the table anyways).

I wouldn’t want Cas to pull his angel blade at Magnus either (okay did that sound a little dirty or am I imagining things?), or any of them to try to behead Rose after hearing she’s a half vampire – which would be a problem, cause she would get her silver stake to fight back and I would prefer that no Winchester died again over dinner (if Sam died, Dean would be pissed, if Dean died Cas would be pissed, and I don’t know if anyone there could kill Cas, but if they did then Dean would be pissed), all hell would break loose. Hermione would have to cast an immobilizing spell on everybody, and Magnus would go like “I don’t need this mess, bye”.

jack hello

At least Jack is a sweet kid, so it’d be easier to explain to him why he doesn’t need to attack the other guests. Also, Dean would eat all of the food (although I could always ask Cisco to breach somewhere and get us some more), but if he behaved well I’d happily share my pie with him (okay that’s a lie cause I don’t like sharing my food so I’d have to get him his own pie, but still).



Now I kind of feel the need to read a fanfic of this party haha. Anyways, what about you guys, who would be on your invite list for Friendsgiving? How do you think those characters would interact? Let me know in the comments. (seriously I’m curious) 😀

11 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday | Characters I’d Want at Friendsgiving”

  1. I am American and would prefer to do Friendsgiving with fictional characters than my actual family. I would invite
    Leo Valdez (Heroes of Olympus): he’d probably set something on fire and talk mainly about himself but it would be awesome
    Kiko Himura (Starfish): she’s an artistic introvert and she’d either be chill or have a panic attack
    June and Day (Legend): Day would help set something on fire but June would help out it out
    Nikolai Lantsov (Grisha Trilogy): he’d be so funny and I want to see him have a conversation with Leo

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    1. Right? Also he can do fun magic which is a plus haha queen indeed! I’d show her my bookshelves and be like “pls lend me some magic books, I’m a muggle but I want to read them anyways” haha

      Thanks a lot May, that’s so sweet of you! ❤️❤️

      Liked by 1 person

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