Buddy Read Announcement | Vicious by V.E. Schwab

Hey guys, how you doin’?

Today I’m here to announce my Buddy Read for Vicious by V.E. Schwab. I’ll be starting the book on December 1st (this Saturday), and since that’s a crazy month, the buddy read will happen until December 14th (Friday), so I’ll have time to read it and still read other things if I want to. It’s a really chill buddy read and anyone is welcomed to join.

The goal is 26 pages a day, which is very achievable. The final discussion for the book will happen on the 14th, because my birthday is on December 16th and I don’t want to make commitments for that weekend.

vicious buddy read banner

Now since it is a chill BR, I decided to use Twitter for this. Here’s how it’ll work: I’ll create a Twitter DM group, so anyone who decides to join can talk spoilers, but respecting the page count for the day (if it’s day 2 we can discuss the first 52 pages, if it’s day 4 then we can talk about the first 104 pages and so on).

Besides the group, I’ll probably have a spoiler free Twitter thread going on and live tweet as I read. I’ll use the hashtag #ViciousBR and if you want to read with me you can just write the same tag in your tweets.


If you decide to read the book too, you can follow me on @CamileSouza

In case you have any doubts, just tweet me or comment down below and I’ll get back to you. 😄 See you soon guys!


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