About me


Hey, I’m Camile.

hello misha

I’m a 25-year-old brazilian book lover who owns way more books than I could possibly read, and can’t resist a pretty cover. My favorite series ever is… tah daaah, Harry Potter. I know, shocking (oh I’m a Ravenclaw). Whether it’s books, tv shows, animes, or movies, I’m a fangirl who loves pop culture and belongs to many fandoms. I love Supernatural, superhero movies, and fantasy books.

I spend way too much time on booktube, and I kind of wish I didn’t because then I’d be able to read so much more. I speak Portuguese, English and French, but my French probably sucks, since I hardly ever practice it.

I’m a Librarianship student and I also hope to write a book someday. Not every single book I read is published in my country, and since I don’t have many friends who also read in english, I’m always on Goodreads freaking out about all the feelings I was given by fictional people. I review books on Goodreads all the time, so I decided to create my blog to expand on that and have even more space to talk about all the fictional things that I love.

This is essentially a book blog, but I’ll also be posting stuff about other things that I like now and then.

You can always find me on Goodreads, Twitter, Instagram, Skoob (it’s sort of a brazilian GR), through email, or use the Contact Me page. All of the links are also on the icons above the main menu. Come chat with me! 😀

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