Book Review | Broken Things by Lauren Oliver

Rating: 4.5 stars "Before we were the Monsters of Brickhouse Lane... —  we were just girls..." Broken Things is a standalone YA thriller novel with multiple perspectives. Five years after their best friend was murdered, people still believe Brynn and Mia did it, even though the cops couldn't prove it. The three girls were obssessed with a… Continue reading Book Review | Broken Things by Lauren Oliver


October Wrap Up

Hey guys, how you doin'? Today I came here with a quick October Wrap Up. I don't usually do wrap ups because with me being a slow reader plus having to deal with college, I don't really get to read that much anyways, but I thought I'd give it a try and see how I feel… Continue reading October Wrap Up


Bookish A-Z Survey Tag

Hey guys, how you doin'? I've been away for a little while because of college and life, but today I'm back with a tag, the Bookish A-Z Survey. I was tagged by the awesome May and she's a sweetie so you should go check her blog out. Okay, so let's not waste anytime, here are my answers:  … Continue reading Bookish A-Z Survey Tag


October New Releases

Hey guys, how you doin'? Today I'm bringing to you some October New Releases so you can be on the lookout for when they come out. October is a great month for being broke, since publishers usually let a whole bunch of new books out into the world all at once. I picked just a… Continue reading October New Releases