December TBR

Hey guys, how you doin'? I'm back to share with you my December TBR. Now let's be clear, this is a crazy month. I got my birthday, my boyfriend's birthday, our anniversary, Christmas (which is also my cousin's birthday) and my family travels to visit. Reading time is a luxury. However, I'm feeling ambitious enough… Continue reading December TBR


Top 5 Wednesday | Largest Books on TBR

Hey guys, how you doin'? It's time for the first Top 5 Wednesday of November and today's topic is Largest Books on TBR. This was quite difficult because really, what TBR are we even talking about? Books I own tbr, priority reads tbr, general long books I want to read? I had to narrow it down… Continue reading Top 5 Wednesday | Largest Books on TBR


November TBR

Hey guys, how you doin'? Today I brought to you my November TBR. I'm usually awful at following TBRs, but we're still doing this anyways because I like pretending I won't fail even though I obviously will. I'll try to keep this fairly contained, since it's finals' month and I need to study. You know,… Continue reading November TBR


October TBR

Hey guys, how you doin'? Today I'm here with my unrealistic October TBR. As I've said before, I'm a big mood reader and except for the ARCs here, there's no garantee I'll actually get to any of these books. But let's make a list anyways cause lying to ourselves is fun! Here are the books… Continue reading October TBR


September TBR

Hey, how you doin' guys? I wasn't going to post a TBR this month, since I hardly ever follow them anyways. But even if we're already halfway through the month, I changed my mind and decided to do it as a form to maybe hold myself accountable. I have some books I REALLY need to… Continue reading September TBR


August TBR

Hey, how you doin' guys? Today I'm here to tell you what books I need to read in August. I never do TBRs because I'm one of those infamous "mood readers", so I hardly ever follow my plans anyways. But this time I decided to give it a go, because I have some ARCs to… Continue reading August TBR